Rydym yn Malu Eich Archeb o fewn 24 Awr i'w Anfon - Gwarantedig Ffres
Aeropress Brewing Guide
Brewing this way gives a more full-bodied coffee, which tastes like snickers in a cup- milk chocolate and peanuts/hazelnuts. Delicious! Best served with or without milk.
  • Wet the filter paper and pre-heat the aeropress by filling with hot water
  • Boil kettle to 94 degrees/just before boiling point
  • Grind 13.5g of coffee to almost espresso style fine
  • Add the coffee
  • Add 50ml of water and stir to ensure all grounds are wet, leave for 30 seconds
  • Then add the remaining 150ml to reach total of 200ml water
  • Put filter on top and leave until 2minutes30
  • Put the cup on top of the inverted aeropress for cleanlines, flip and press down within 30seconds until you hear a hissing noise
  • Ready to drink!

Coffi Llofnod Tir Gain Bean Cymdeithasol 227g

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