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Caffetiere Brewing Guide

Great with or without milk. Without milk, it’s like a dark chocolate and nuts with some dark fruits, with milk it tastes like a fruit and nut bar of chocolate. Can also add sugar but is definitely not necessary.

  • Preheat caffetiere with hot water
  • Boil kettle to 94 degrees, or just before boiling
  • Grind 34g of coffee to coarse setting
  • Add grounds to caffetiere
  • Add 100ml water, Stir & leave for 30seconds
  • Top up to 500ml & Stir. Leave for 4 minutes, slightly plunge the caffetiere so all coffee is submerged
  • After 4 minutes remove the plunger & scoop off any crema on top to ensure a cleaner cup DO NOT STIR again
  • Plunge slowly but leave a couple of cm from the bottom for a cleaner cup
  • Pour & enjoy!
  • Total time: 5 mins

Social Bean Course Ground Signature Coffee 227g

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