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Chemex Brewing Guide

Stir and enjoy! Best served black, no milk. The filter paper from chemex gives an extremely clean cup and highlights the acidity in the cup. This gives nuance to the chocolate and cherries and citric orange acidity. Like the results from the v60 it is complex and juicy.

  • Similar to the v60 but with a different filter paper and a larger capacity.
  • Wet the filter paper
  • Grind your coffee to a medium grind – 30g
  • Level the coffee so it has a flat top
  • Boil kettle to 94 degrees, or just before boiling point
  • Add 100ml of water to the coffee in a circular motion ensuring all the grounds are covered
  • Leave for 30 seconds
  • Stir to ensure all grounds are covered in water
  • Then continue to top up 50g in a circular motion every 30 seconds or so, and top up to 500ml of water in 3 minutes.
  • It should finish draining the water through in 4 minutes

Social Bean Course Ground Signature Coffee 227g

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