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Pour Over Brewing Guide

Brewing this method allows more ‘particles’ through so it is a less ‘clean’ flavour but with a fuller body which is great to compliment milk or just for a more textured mouth feel and more balanced flavours in the coffee.
When brewing this way you get a very balanced coffee with lower perceived acidity and more sweetness similar to the aeropress- I found drinking it reminded me of a fruit and nut bar- chocolate, hazelnuts and cherries.

Similar to the v60 but with a finer grind. The water can pass through the metal filter quickly so we need to slow down the water flow by having a finer grind and slightly increased dose of coffee.

  • Grind your coffee to a medium-fine grind – 35g
  • Level the coffee in the reusable filter so it has a flat top
  • Boil kettle to 94 degrees, or just before boiling point
  • Add 100ml of water to the coffee in a circular motion ensuring all the grounds are covered
  • Leave for 30 seconds
  • Stir to ensure all grounds are covered in water
  • Then continue to top up 50g in a circular motion every 30 seconds or so, and top up to 500ml of water in 4 minutes.
  • o It should finish draining the water through in 4 minutes 30.
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